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Full Services of Vegas Club Connect

Vegas Club Connect strives to connect our customers with the best Night Clubs, Day Clubs, Hotels, & Restaurants Las Vegas has to offer!


VIP Bottle Service

VIP Bottle Service is the ultimate way to experience the Vegas Nightlife! Kick back at your own VIP Section all night.


VIP Girl Comps

A VIP girl is an exclusive status that gets you the same perks and benefits that your favorite celebrities would receive.


VIP Guest List

VIP Guest List Reservations provide the ultimate clubbing experience to the some of the best parties in town!


Bachelor Parties

Arranging bachelor parties through Vegas Club is easy, we provide a quality and affordable experience!



Book your hotel reservations at our featured rooms and hotels for the ultimate get away experience!


Night Clubs

The City of Entertainment hosts celebrities, performers and special events each weekend, never leaving a dull moment.


Pool Clubs

The Vegas Oasis is home to some of the best pool parties in the world. Talents rivals between the pool clubs each weekend.


Strip Clubs

Your Vegas Club Connect offers unbeatable strip club packages which include: Free party bus or limo pickup & comped entry!

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