VIP Bottle Service

What is VIP Bottle Service?

VIP Bottle Service is the ultimate way to experience the Vegas Nightlife! Kick back at your own VIP Section all night with your chosen party goers and party amongst the high rollers and celebrities. Buying table service includes hosted and priority entry, your chosen bottles of liquor, mixers, and a beautiful cocktail waitress that caters to making sure your cups are never empty.

Bottle service entails a different experience of clubbing: No wait at the bar, you can party hard or sit comfortably enjoying the scene of the party.

Why Get VIP Bottle Service vs VIP Guest-List Entry?

Bottle service includes:

  • Bottle/s of Liquor of choice
  • Three Mixers
  • Your own personal waitress who also doubles as a bartender
  • Your own VIP section for the entire evening
  • Hosted Entry

All Vegas nightclubs reserve all of their seating for bottle service. When a nightclub is fully packed it’s like real estate, the amount of space is finite. The bigger the section the bigger the ticket. It’s often seen as an exclusive, upscale practice, but actually, if you’re with a large party, it can be more economical to upgrade to bottle service.

How Much Does VIP Bottle Service Start At?

Bottle service generally starts around $425 with a 20% gratuity & 8.1% tax, though it varies depending on the night, club, event and choice of liquor. On busy nights, clubs often require a minimum bottle purchase based on the amount of people in your party. Generally prices are based on 4-5 people per 1 bottle, however minimums can rise due to the amount of tables sold or the occurring event.

What is the difference between bottle service at a nightclub and bottle service at a pool party?

Pool Clubs offer a more unique sort of bottle service. You have the choice of a variety of daybeds and cabanas that range in price based on location and the event. The day time bottle service estimate is based on a “Food and Beverage Minimum”. Food and Beverage minimum means that you will be charged that price with any food or drinks ordered. Pricing starts around $500 +tax and gratuity per every 5 people for your basic daybed. Prime cabanas generally start at around 2k food and beverage minimum.

Your Vegas Club Connect can help make your bottle service experience a bit more affordable!

We’re often able to:

  • Book tables with a consumption minimum instead of bottles
  • Remove or reduce bottle minimums
  • Provide deals such as a buy 2 bottle get 1 free, or buy 3 get 2 free

The best deals are available only when reservations are made in advance. However, deals are available at a few venues on certain weekends even with last minute notice.

How can VIP Bottle Service be more Economical?

Gents will be paying an admission regardless, plus each will probably be spending anywhere from $60-$100 on drinks, being that beers run anywhere from$6-$8 and mixed drinks run anywhere from $12-$14.

Between four guys that amount will easily pay for a table and bottle, which in reality is also providing you your own private section in the club all night without the hassle of waiting at the bar for your drinks while your squished up against some random people.

For Ladies, booking bottle service has its special perks! We can provide specials such as buy 1 get 1 free deals at multiple venues.

Bottle service is perfect for:

  • Bachelorette Parties
  • Bachelor Parties
  • Birthdays
  • Wedding parties
  • Intimate Outings
  • Private Events
  • Corporate Events

If you are interested in bottle service, reserve your table in advance by filling out the convenient form below.

  • Nightclubs have standard set prices for VIP bottle service
  • Those prices direct from the club; you don’t give us a dime
  • Payment can be made upon arrival or even better with advanced purchase
  • CC Auth Forms are highly recommended to ensure that you receive a prime location no matter what your arrival time is
  • Like all other services offered through your Vegas Club Connect, arranging bottle service through us is always FREE

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