VIP Guest List

What is VIP Guest List Reservations?

VIP Guest List Reservations provide the ultimate clubbing experience to the some of the best parties in town! Each venue has three functioning lines, General Admission (full price admission for everyone), Guest List (FREE entry for Ladies/Gents Reduced/GA Line Skip), Table & Bottle Service (Bottles generally start at $425 + tax and gratuity). Guest List is the priority line next to Bottle Service. Your name will be submitted on the lists of your desired venues, so all you have to worry about is arriving on time to check in!

Why get on the VIP Guest-list?

The guest-list is free to get on & those who are on the VIP Guest-list will receive the following benefits:

  • Ladies will always be 100% free to every club, often with free drinks
  • Gentlemen will always receive reduced or sometimes even comped admission
  • All VIP Guests will have General Admission Line Skip
  • Each day and night your name will be on multiple venues lists to provide you with multiple options!

How Do I Get “Hooked Up” At Any Club I Want In Vegas ?

We require a one time fee of $10 per person, once the one time fee is paid through our secure pay pal account, we go to work for you! This fee will give you access to any available guest-list you desire anytime you ever come to Vegas! When you sign up for our guest list sevices, we add the names provided onto any and all available list desired to provide you with several options each day and night!

What happens after I fill out the form?

  1. Once you fill out the VIP Guest-List Request form you will receive an email confirmation with further details
  2. Once we receive a confirmation of the one time fee, all names are added to the lists that you desire

What’s the Catch?

There is no catch. Over the years Your Vegas Club Connect has built solid relationships with multiple Directors of Promotions & VIP Services Managers. We use our solid reputation and great networking relationships to ensure that your group gets the ultimate “VIP Hook Up”.

Feel free to contact us at any time to answer any questions or additional request!

VIP Guest List Request Form

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  • Nightclub And Pool Selection

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